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At Roots3 Productions, it’s all about crafting memorable brand experiences which make companies stand out.

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Our authentic approach to creativity and conceptualization empowers our team to produce an array of inspiring and memorable experiential marketing campaigns.

Comprised of large-scale national mobile tours, various pop-up experiences, interactive art installations, living walls and wallscape projection, we maintain our consistency as a pioneer in the experiential marketing space.

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When taking on a project, our end goal is to instill a lasting emotional connection between a brand and their target audience.

This creates buzz which leads to impact we can measure.

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Top experiential marketing agencies must cleverly engage a target audience to a point where they allow themselves to emote when interacting with a meaningful and fun experience

We accomplish this with captivating storytelling through innovative activations.

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Roots3 Productions interprets creativity by bringing an experience to the hands of humanity. An experience where consumers can be triggered by a movement that vibrates within one’s cellular make up; that will never be forgotten.

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We pride ourselves on being creative visionaries in experiential marketing with offices in New York and Los Angeles.

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Titos Pride Parade Tour 2017

Heidi Klum & Macy’s

Panty Cone Sampling Event (NYC)

Citizen Eco Drive

Ride for Light Interactive Art Installation (NYC)

The Experiential Marketing Agency Roots³ Productions

In the age of 21st-century marketing, an experiential marketing agency plays a huge role in the overall landscape of promotion and sales.  What is experiential marketing?  This is the kind of marketing approach that encourages potential customers and current customers to not only learn about a brand but experience it.  It’s the kind of interactive experience that draws a consumer in, gets them excited and keeps them engaged long after the experience is over.

We’re all familiar with traditional marketing approaches.  Three of the most conventional are TV commercials, radio ads, and online ads.  But these approaches have their problems.

We watch a television commercial.  The producers of the commercial try to entertain us while also promoting their brand.  If the ad captivates us, we listen.  If it doesn’t, we quickly turn the channel.  Or, more likely, fast-forward through it, with the help of DVR, so that we can return to our beloved program. In fact, most of us enjoy subscription-based streaming that doesn’t include traditional commercials at all.  If a radio Ad doesn’t capture our attention while we’re driving down the interstate, we may turn the channel, or, more likely, mentally tune out until we can get back to our music.  And with an online ad, if the words don’t capture us within the first sentence, we ignore it and quickly continue with our busy lives.  In many cases, we simply block these advertisements altogether with ad blockers designed to keep us ad-free.

However, with experiential marketing, a company can do more than just educate you visually or with audio. It can immerse you in the product or service with a wide variety of marketing strategies, such as sampling the product or service and interacting with others who enjoy the product or service.  The consumer gets to view and touch and experience a product or service in a physical space. The end goal of any marketing strategy is to not only gain an interested consumer but make a sale.  Experiential marketing encourages a connection to a product and service that not only leaves a lasting impression, but that is emotional.  Consumers not only see the product or service, but they feel it. This is the best way to not only get sales but to get consumer loyalty and to maintain a high level of sales for years to come.  To do it effectively, hiring an experiential marketing agency, like Roots³ Productions, is the best way to do it.

Marketing techniques are changing, and experiential marketing has risen to the top. There are many reasons why experiential marketing is important for today’s brands. 


What are some of these reasons?

1. Create a Lasting Connection

As discussed above, experiential marketing is designed for creating a lasting impression, and this kind of connection is more than just a fleeting encounter.  For example, when a brand creates an event solely for its customers, it helps to build not only brand recognition but brand loyalty.  Do it right and your product or service can be considered the “in” thing to be associated with.

2. A Non-Intrusive Way to Build Data

Acquiring your perfect customer, the kind that is most interested in buying your product or service means understanding who they are.  This requires data building, but it must be done in a non-intrusive way. Turning a consumer off with aggressive data collection is an absolute no-no. With experiential marketing, consumers who are enjoying a brand experience are more likely to give you personal info which contributes to your data building with ease.

3. Understand Your Product or Service Better

A potential customer who fully understands your product or service, with all of their questions answered, is more likely to buy.  Commercials are doing it less and less because people are no longer making time for them.  Only the most innovative and entertaining commercials get seen by the busy public who can simply fast-forward through.  But with experiential marketing, immersing them into an experience, such as a live event, gets people interested and wanting to learn more.

4. Stand Out From the Competition

As marketing becomes more and more intricate, and as traditional methods, such as TV commercials and online ads, become more and more obsolete due to DVR, ad blockers, and subscription-based streaming, experiential marketing is the way to stand out.  It’s still a relatively new way to market, and putting innovative ideas to work can get a company noticed faster than any traditional method.

5. It’s the Way to Get Noticed On Social Media

Any company that is not on social media is not a company interested in massive sales. Period. But how do you reach that major social amplification?  Social media ads and search engine optimization techniques incorporated into social media are powerful, but a trending Social Media hashtag promoting your experiential marketing event, for example, can blast your brand’s popularity to the next level.

Our experiential marketing agency, Roots³ Productions, is ready to blast your brand and blast your sales with our expertise. 


What do we offer?

1. Mobile Tours

A mobile tour is the use of a branded tour vehicle to introduce your product and engage consumers, such as a branded dessert food truck.  They’re fun, unique, and attention-grabbing, and we help to design them, bringing your brand to optimal exposure and awareness.  We specialize in mobile tours for both national and international campaigns, and we manage all the details including routes, permits, timelines, staff, swag, and more. 

2. Pop-Up Activations

Another fun branding tool is pop-up stores.  A pop-up store is a store that’s “here today, gone tomorrow.”  But they are more than just that.  They are a temporary physical space designed to attract consumers and leave a lasting impression, such as a clothing pop-up introducing the latest style.  Consumers are drawn to these pop-ups, particularly if the product or service is discounted or scarce.  Everyone wants to get in on it! We specialize in these fun, interactive pop-ups, placing them in high-traffic and targeted demographic locations such as retail spaces in major cities or popular festivals.

3. Living Walls

Living walls are an innovative way to promote that can benefit your brand.   They are green walls or vertical gardens attached to either the interior or the exterior of a building.  These living walls are great for not only brand recognition but photo opportunities for consumers. We have extensive experience with these beautiful walls, and we can install them in a wide variety of places.  From conceptualization to installation to maintenance, we can build a great living wall for your brand that will draw lots of people.

4. Dedicated Wildposting

You’re walking down the street on a sunny day, and your attention is immediately drawn to the exterior wall of large, colorful static posters, side by side.  You’ve seen these same posters in other locations, and every time you see them, you stop and stare.  That’s dedicated wildposting, and we at Roots3 Productions has a lot of experience with them. Not only do we help you conceptualize these masterpieces for your brand, we help choose the best locations, based on our relationships across the country, as well as produce them and install them. 

5. Art Installations

Art installations are not only unique and beautiful, but they also draw lots of attention.  Not everyone can create an amazing piece of art, but we have relationships with artists and art collectives to create the most memorable art installations for your brand.  We also, of course, provide the placement, permits and the installation of the piece.  Art installations are a hip way to draw in consumers to your brand.

6. Event Permitting

Certain events and happenings can’t take place without the right documentation. At Roots3 Productions, we are experts at confirming permits such as food and alcohol, venue, city, etc.  That means whatever permits you may need for food services, mobile tours, etc., we can help you obtain them, at competitive pricing, based on our relationships across the country. 

7. Event and Tour Management

At Roots3 Productions, we are lots of things, including an event and tour management company.  We can manage mobile tours and large-scale events from the beginning to the end. We can do that because of our top-notch contacts and relationships with individuals and companies such as caterers, rentals, photographers, and more.  We can also help you with brand activation ideas to really get your product or service moving.

8. Static and  Digital Wallscape Projection

What’s a Wallscape?  More than a traditional billboard, it is a large and dynamic mural on the exterior of a building.  We create these static or digital projections in major cities where your brand will get instant recognition.  Our large-scale video productions, on the sides of buildings, grab a consumer’s attention.

Let’s take a look at some of the case studies that we at Roots³ Productions produced.

1. Godiva

We amazed New York City with our five day Godiva glass truck tour to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  For Godiva—the Belgian manufacturer of chocolates who has huge success in the United States and across the globe—we created a beautiful gold and glass truck complete with Godiva chocolate assortments packaged in red and pink and gold valentines – from big to small. When you stepped inside the glass wall truck, you stepped inside a unique Godiva store, complete with an 8-foot red bow on the roof. From Friday to Tuesday we hit Columbus Circle, Union Square, SoHo, Flatiron and Wall Street with a grand total IMPS from PR of 1,145,297.

2. Tito’s Handmade Vodka

Our nationwide mobile tour for Tito’s Handmade Vodka – Tito’s On Tour To Celebrate America – was a national success. Tito’s Vodka, founded in Austin Texas, had an American tour that went to 16 states and 27 cities where over 17,000 Tito’s Handmade Vodka samples were served.  It all happened with a vintage Airstream trailer complete with a full-service copper and restored wood bar, a customized lounge with leather seating, and a digital photo area complete with electrical charging stations located throughout the vehicle.  Consumers could enter the trailer, take a seat, chat, drink Tito’s Handmade Vodka samples, and take plenty of fun photos to remember the event.

3. Plainville Farms

The Sampling Truck New York City tour for Plainville Farms was quite an execution, and it took place around the 2016 Presidential Election in Columbus Circle, Union Square, and Bryant Park. How did we do it?  We took a bright branded truck and placed a size-able fabricated turkey prop right along the roof and the sides of the truck.  We installed digital data capture, we included a turkey contest, and we offered lots of samples of turkey sandwiches by Plainville Farms.  Everyone loves free food!  Our grand total IMPS from PR was a whopping 63,158,643+.

4. Icelandic Glacial Water

The New York City Double Decker Bus Sampling Tour was a successful experience for Icelandic Glacial Water.   For the company that produces natural spring water from Iceland, we put a mobile tour on a branded double-decker bus.  The experience in the New York City areas of Central Park, Bryant Park, and Columbus Circle, allowed consumers to climb aboard and immerse themselves in the Icelandic Glacial Water experience with a live DJ, a sampling bar, a digital social media photo booth, a branded modeling team wearing “I Love Icelandic Glacial” t-shirts  to chat and connect with consumers, and more, including the chance to win a trip to Iceland by merely promoting the water with a branded hashtag on your social media.  Lots of free bottles of Icelandic Glacial Water were distributed, and the brand received over 10,000 social impressions.

Roots3 Productions is an experiential marketing agency that is ready to take your brand to the next level.  You don’t have to know the winning moves in experiential marketing.


That’s our job!


Together we can create a branded campaign that really blows your brand sky high. Whether it’s a national or local mobile tour, a crowd-drawing pop-up, a gorgeous living wall, a wall-scape digital projection, or any of our other services, we are a pioneer in the experiential marketing world.

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Producing an array of inspiring and memorable experiential marketing campaigns.

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