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More About This Service

With our guerilla team, we have produced dozens of static and digital Wallscapes in major cities. With a large-scale video production, we can promote your brand in dedicated spaces on the sides of buildings. Consumers cannot resist the urge to stop and watch as the giant video plays in a cityscape.

Why You Should Learn More About Static & Digital Wallscape Projection

If you want to showcase artwork and make a big impression, you don’t necessarily have to build a physical art installation. Roots³ Productions handles a wide array of art installations, including static & digital wallscape projection. It’s worthwhile to learn more about our projections and take a closer look at what they’re like.

Our Projections Can Transform A Wall

Even a plain white wall can look like something extraordinary thanks to one of our digital wallscapes. We can make sure that an otherwise drab wall looks like a work of art.

When an image is projected onto a wall, you won’t be able to see what the wall really looks like. Instead, everyone’s attention will be focused on the projection. The wall will look absolutely spectacular. You don’t have to hang artwork to liven up a dull space. There are plenty of other options as well.

We Can Project All Kinds Of Images Onto A Wall

If you’re interested in projections, we can work directly with you to come up with an option that you find appealing. There are very few limits on what we can do. You can talk to us about what you want, and we’ll work with you to make that into a reality.

Whether you want to project a static work of art or want moving images projected onto a wall, we can create something that matches up with your vision. We’ve created all sorts of spectacular wallscapes for clients, and we’d love to do the same thing for you.

Digital Wallscapes Are Completely Temporary

You don’t have to make any changes to a building in order to transform it into a work of art. Our projections don’t require us to paint walls or make any changes to a room or a physical billboard. They’re a temporary and digital approach to change the look of a space or wall.

Wallscapes are perfect for advertising upcoming events and other types of showcases such as product collections. You’ll be able to get the look that you want without making any permanent changes. You’ll be able to change a space and then bring everything back to normal when the event is over.

We Can Work With Your Budget

If you’re interested in a wallscape for an upcoming event, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t go beyond your budget. With that said, let us know what your budget is. We’d be happy to work within your boundaries and show you what we can create for you.

Our rates are reasonable, and we offer a range of options to our clients. Talk to us so that we can figure out what to do next.

Take the time to learn more about static & digital wallscape projection so that you can see if it’s something that you’d be interested in for your branded experiential marketing. We’d be happy to show you examples of the wallscapes that we’ve created for some of our other clients as case studies, and we’d love to show you what we could do for you.

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