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Unique pop-up stores can draw in a range of consumers in major cities. With our venue relations, we can secure retails spaces in areas with major foot traffic. Additionally, we have the ability to elevate even further using pop-up containers or major festivals and events to partner with and attract a large audience.

Bringing our best brand models forward, this will allow ambassadors to educate consumers on details about the brand on site as well. The abilities are endless to include branded décor, games, giveaways and more!

Pop-Up Activations From Roots³ Productions

If you are going to advertise your business locally, you may want to consider what are called pop-up activations. Also referred to as pop-up stores, these are literally temporary stores that will be in retail spaces that are known for having significant foot traffic. You can also use what are called pop-up containers, allowing you to market the products that you are selling for your company. We will easily direct people to your pop-up store or container, complete with ambassadors that will educate the public about your brand and the products that you sell. We consider ourselves as one of the best companies for doing this.

Overview Of Pop-Up Activations

There are so many pop-up strategies that can lead to outstanding results. Whether you are selling cosmetics, clothing, or different types of consumables, this is a great way to get your brand known. Although you could use traditional advertising, it is sometimes better to have actual visitors that are walking by to see the merchandise that you are offering. Because Roots³ Productions quickly creates relationships with many local businesses, you can position yourself in very busy areas of your community. We’re known nationally, as well as internationally, for helping virtually any type of business generate more revenue, which can sometimes be achieved through these pop-up stores and containers.

Bring a custom container anywhere to provide giveaways to consumers.
Easily mobile, pop-up carts can engage people anywhere.
A chic opportunity to bring your brand to new markets.

How We'll Attract Customers For You

It’s not enough to simply have signs directing people to your pop-up stores and containers. On top of having ambassadors there that can educate individuals walking by, you need to attract them to the container or store that has been set up. This can be done using branded games, giveaways, and décor that will certainly attract their attention. The brand models use unique selling strategies, all of which are designed to introduce your brand and also sell more of your products to consumers.

What Is The Best Pop-Up Strategy?

If you are selling consumables, pop-up containers will likely be the best way to market what you are selling. These can be vehicles, ones that are brought to specific locations, in front of areas that have massive foot traffic. Pop-up-carts are also very helpful in introducing your company, your products, or the services that you offer. Finally, if you want to sell products as if people are coming into your store, pop-up shops might be the best option. It just depends on the items that you are marketing, and where these pop-up marketing tools will be set up to attract the most people.

The use of pop-up activations is extremely popular in large metropolitan areas. They are particularly useful when they are placed in areas where the highest volume of foot traffic is going to be. By utilizing a trained sales team, and the pop-up shops, carts, and containers, you will soon see a huge influx in people interested in what you are selling.

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