Event & Tour Management

  • Management of logistics
  • Tour schedules
  • Run-of-shows
  • Vendor relationships
  • Permitting
  • Staffing

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More About This Service

Our team will manage large-scale events and mobile tours from start to finish. With exclusive vendor relationships, we can bring forth top photographers, caterers, rentals, mobile events and more. Additionally, we will work with your team to bring your vision to life through memorable & effective brand activation ideas.

If You Don’t Know What Event & Tour Management Is

If you’re not sure, then you probably need an event and tour management company that can do things for you or your group. Event management incorporates the practices and principles related to the planning, management, and execution of special events. If there is a sequence of multiple events, particularly in many different cities, then it turns into tour management. There are many crucial considerations to take into account. They include but are not limited to logistic and stage management, marketing, promotion, event reporting, event evaluation, and more, all of which adds up to a hopefully successful event.

Event marketing and event management are now two different sides of one coin. Event management simply can’t happen without any event marketing, so if you’re looking for someone to handle event management, make sure they can also do event or tour marketing for you too.

Any event and tour management company provider has to make sure that there is measurable success. They’ll work closely with you as an extension of your efforts and team, offering the focus and emphasis needed for the management of every complicated element in the process, which should leave you free to simply concentrate on your core responsibilities.

Whether it’s a pop-up or a mobile tour, we got your back!
Create a unique experience that’s not just a party.

Events can often be categorized as personal events, social events, or national events. Social events would be things like musical shows, fashion shows, and award functions. Personal events can be things like individual celebrations, birthday parties, funerals, and weddings. National events are things like Independence Day celebrations and other really important events.

Conducting an event isn’t an overnight job. Such events necessitate appropriate depth and planning. An expert organizer or manager needs to start their work months in advance. First of all, an expert event or tour manager is going to look for sponsors for the shows. Personal and national events don’t usually need marketing, but social events are more than likely going to need proper advertising, sponsors, and marketing.

The first step is organizing an event into its various parts. The first of those is when a team of veteran marketers find good sponsors and get the advertising going. In the second part, people will start working on the specific venue where this show is to be conducted, as the day, date, and time are equal in their importance, as the venue needs to be suitable for not just the public but specifically when this event will happen.

The third part will be practicing the show, as an expert group needs to work on costumes and the various sub-events that participants might be doing, be it singing, dancing, etc. Rehearsals should happen over and over for the show to be successful.

The fourth part is selling tickets to the public and planning things like proper security, parking, refreshments, and the like. It’s crucial to be able to manage and control the crowd.

Finally, when all of these different functions wind up clicking together, then you’ll have a successful event organized for all to enjoy.

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