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Event Permitting

  • Proprietary Relationships
  • Food & Alcohol Permits
  • Venue Permits
  • City Permits

More About This Service

We are experts when it comes to confirming permits. We can help your event succeed by obtaining all required permits for mobile tours, food services and more. Additionally, we have relationships across the country to assist in approval of all required permits and to obtain competitive pricing.

Reasons to use Roots³ Productions for event permitting

One of the most difficult things to do when you are marketing your business in a metropolitan area is to get the necessary permits. There will always be permits necessary, ones that will allow you to place your advertising, or your vehicle, in certain areas. If you don’t know which permits to get, this can be a time-consuming process. You may end up with the wrong ones. That’s why you must work with a business that is well aware of every conceivable type of permit that is necessary when doing advertising.

How Do You Get Permits For Events?

Every city and town is going to have a building department. It may also have a separate community group that is responsible for issuing permits for events that will occur. You will need to find out which official group you need to speak with, and then ask them about the permits that are available. You will then need to describe the event you are planning, and what the purpose of the event is for. Based on that information, they can issue you a specific permit, or they can deny you, depending upon the rules and ordinances of your particular city or town.

Why You Should Work With Roots³ Productions

Our agency is aware of virtually every type of permit that will be necessary for specific events. We specialize in marketing ideas, services, and products, and improving the brand name of local businesses. We’ll often set up areas where there will be temporary stores, or vehicles that are parked for a specified period of time. From these pop-up stores and vehicles, you can market your products, or at least raise awareness about the business that you own. Our company will know exactly what permits to obtain, and subsequently, provide you with the advertising medium that will help your business grow.

What Other Services Do We Offer?

Other services we offer include mobile tours, pop-up activations, and living walls. We also do dedicated wildposting, art installations, Static & Digital Wallscape Projections, and we specialize in event & tour management. If you need to wrap a vehicle with your logo and company name, we can do that for you as well. However, before doing anything, we need to acquire the specific permits that will be necessary, and the area of specialty that we have in conjunction with the advertising we’ll do for your business.

Although it can be difficult to plan for any event, sometimes the most difficult aspect of this is to get the permits that are needed. Instead of worrying about this yourself, contact us to have us do this for you.

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