Why Dedicated Wild Posting Works Wonders for Brands 2019

Have You Tried it Yet?

Posters? Billboards? Bus Benches, you say? Well, as you have probably already noticed, such outdoor advertising is being recycled into what is a perfect marketing trend for the 21st century. Don’t faint when we say this, but you can get people’s attention in ways other than Instagram, Twitter, and other social media marketing. We’d go as far as saying that you can often get much more awareness and engagement from an innovative, street credibility-boosting, poster-like campaigns. That’s wild posting (WP).

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We know you’ve seen them because they are hard to miss. If you have been in an urban setting, you may have your attention grabbed by an oversized, colorful poster placed side-by-side with others like it. You will remember seeing these posters before in other areas of the city, so you instinctively stop and stare. So what’s the draw?

This type of tool is designed to give an example of the product during the time it takes a rider or a pedestrian to pass by the posting. The model looks fantastic; the clothing is spectacular, and the background he or she is in is a groovy location of one kind or the other. From the time a member of the target market sees the post until the target sits down at his or her desk, he or she is fantasizing about the product.

Movie posters have been around since the beginning of film-making, and they have done a pretty good job of selling movie tickets depending on their images, text, or lack thereof, and the photography. Moving pictures capture the marketing trend of posters more than any other business. Imagine what they could do for Podcasts, web series, television, YouTube channels, musical artists, public service announcements, and, of course, stage plays.

What Makes Roots³ Productions Stand Out?


Once we understand your business, your products, and your brand, we will create an eye-catching wild posting that’s perfect for you.

Location Recommendations

When used in the term “dedicated wildposting,” dedicated means that the advertisements show up in locations with the most foot traffic. A banner or poster is created to present the product you are selling, along with exemplifying your brand. The result, when this kind of promotion is correctly carried out, is that it attracts the attention of those who walk past and encourages them to come to your business site or website.

We happen to have a team that knows how to come up with optimal placement for your campaign’s installation. The goal is to get the most attention possible in all major cities.


Dedicated Wildposting concept

We are an experiential marketing company with the capability of creating marketing materials that are unique, mind-blowing, and produced in a wide range of mediums. The first step in any marketing campaign is conceptualization. We think our grasp of what gets people’s attention is on the significantly high level. Not bragging, but take a look.

When the Godiva chocolate company was looking for a unique way to remind New Yorkers that Valentine’s Day was about to take place, they came to us. We pulled out our “glass wall” truck and made the inside look like a Godiva store. We thought the 8-foot bow on the top was the piece de resistance. Folks bought and sampled all over the city.

We fabricated a vintage Airstream trailer that included a full-service copper and restored-wood bar, and much more. The Airstream traveled the historic Route 66 highway from New York City to San Francisco, handing out samples of Tito’s handmade vodka samples.

Clarins New Lip Oils are so much fun. And Roots³ Productions gave lots of people a chance not only to try out the new oils but also to have a cooling ice pop printed with the products logo, as well.

We share these events with you because we want you to understand that coming up with concepts is our thing.

Production & Installation

Once you contact us and our team understands your business, your products, and your brand, our first step is to design a marketing campaign for you. During the back and forth discussions of the posters’ size, images, and messages, we will create the dedicated wild posting that will make your product sing.

Because we sometimes end up with rather large posters know that we will be positioning them on streets and other areas where your signage will get the most recognition. During the process, we may even decide that you could benefit the most by a collaborative poster of your separate products.

Why Does Dedicated Wild Posting Work?


Our team believes that WP works because of these observed facts:

  • Roots³ Productions has an authentic approach to creativity.
  • We know how to make a connection between the brand and its target audience.
  • Our company has learned how to create a buzz that leads to results we can measure.
  • The Roots³ Productions team is full of creative visionaries in big cities like NYC and Los Angeles.
  • We are well-versed in how to create a lasting impression.
  • Team members want to and do understand your product and service. The more we know, the more you grow.
  • Our innovative ideas make your brand stand out from the competition.
  • We can get you noticed.

Roots³ Productions


If your business is ready to go to the next level, now’s the time to connect with Roots³ Productions. Whether you are interested in over-the-top promotions, or any other type of experiential marketing, our team can handle it for you.

Our campaigns include:

We consider our job to be creating branded campaigns that can send your brand soaring. We know what to do because we have done it. And it works. We are anything but ordinary.

We have offices in Brooklyn, NY, and in Newport Beach, CA. Contact us today for more information or give us a call and let’s talk. We want to be of assistance to those who wish to see their brands take off.

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