Top 4 Experiential Marketing Campaigns

What is experiential?

Experiential is learning through experience. It is directly engaging with the consumer to provide them with a brand experience. A goal of experiential marketing is to connect with the consumer and develop an emotional and memorable experience that generates brand loyalty. When planning an experiential marketing campaign there are many pieces to be considered – the brand, the target demographic, and the emotion the brand wants to evoke. Experiential marketing is one way of overcoming the short attention span of consumers today and the possibilities are endless.

Top 4 Experiential Marketing Campaigns for Roots3 Productions

visitors line up outside the Joe Fresh station

In NYC, our high-energy brand models interact with consumers to collect data before taking their picture in front of the Digital Interactive Screen.

Joe Fresh

Following a pre-planned route and stopping in high impact locations, the Joe Fresh Digital Interactive Experiential Vehicle created a memorable experience for consumers throughout New York City. Our Interactive Video Truck combines state-of-the-art daylight readable video projection technology and a high definition sound system with our standard commercial truck. The result is the direct delivery of theatre quality messages to consumers. The vehicle is able to give proactive exposure where your target demographic is captivated by the unique state of the art vehicle. With assistance from our top of the line brand models, consumers entered their data and took a picture at the Digital Interactive screen. The picture was uploaded to Joe Fresh Facebook and Twitter to increase exposure and impressions. Frequent updates were made to social media to inform the public about where we were activating and allow them the opportunity to sample Joe Fresh. Once consumers entered the truck they used the digital dressing rooms to try on Joe Fresh clothing items. Purchases were made on site or orders were placed for the product to be delivered to their home. The event was a true success with thousands of impressions made and consumers walked away fascinated by the brand and our execution.

Guests conversing in the Tito's truck as they imbibe new beverages

The Tito’s Airstream kicked the U.S. Mobile Tour off by connecting with the people of NYC at the 14th Street Park in the Meatpacking District.

Tito’s Mobile Tour

Our team created a nationwide mobile tour to promote “Tito’s on Tour” and celebrate America. The route was based on the historic Route 66 and stretched from New York City to San Francisco. We visited a total of 37 cities and traveled 6500 miles. We executed 66 events and made over 125,000 consumer impressions while making over 66,000,000 touring/driving impressions. Roots3 Productions designed and built a custom fabricated vintage airstream trailer with a hydraulic gullwing and turn-key interior. We installed a full-service copper and restored wood bar, custom lounge leather seating and a photo/digital area with electrical charging stations throughout the vehicle. Consumers, of age, enjoyed a Tito’s Handmade Vodka cocktail while competing with friends at corn hole or trying out their chances to win branded collateral at our custom built Plinko board. The tour boosted and solidified brand loyalty all across the United States!

Citizens riding stationary bikes to illuminate LED bulbs

New York City pedals to light up the Earth at the Citizen Eco-Drive Ride for Light Campaign to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Eco-Drive technology.


To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Eco-Drive technology, which makes watch battery replacement unnecessary, Roots3 Productions designed a heart-pumping campaign in the middle of New York City. People climbed atop spin bikes, which were arranged in a circle and connected to a large weather balloon by an LED strip. As people began to pedal, the LED strips would illuminate, climbing into the sky and arching toward the balloon. When enough power was created by all cyclists the LED strips would dance, a rewarding sound effect would ring out, and the floating sphere in the middle would illuminate to display the Earth. The lights, music, and enthusiasm attracted people from near and far in this exceptionally creative campaign. People were eager to jump on the bikes and spin to light up the Citizen Eco-Drive globe.

Heidi by the truck showing her new clothing line

Heidi Klum introduced her new intimates line with a memorable experiential event in Herald Square.

Heidi Klum

To promote Heidi’s new intimates line, women, men, teenagers, and children lined Herald Square to partake in the event. Heidi climbed into the Roots3 Productions’ vintage ice cream truck wrapped in her new line to hand out hundreds of samples of her intimates to awaiting fans. With cameras flashing and videos rolling, everyone wanted to be a part of this unforgettable showcase. Our team manufactured over 500 panty cones and seamlessly ensured each person received their preferred size directly from Heidi. For the next stage of the event, she made her way into Macy’s while our brand models shared branded ice cream sandwiches to those remaining in line. Everyone at the event left with an everlasting memory and a piece of Heidi Klum’s intimates.

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