Pop-Up Stores: Testing Through Experiential Marketing 2019

Many have heard about the pop-up store revolution. Some may have visited such a store. We want to explain what a pop-up store is and why it can be enormously useful for your brand. We’ve helped many clients bring this type of marketing to fruition. Roots³ Productions continues to view experiential marketing as an exciting, entertaining, and creative way to get noticed and make sales.

Pop-Up Activations

Pop-Up Shop activations are temporary and create buzz

Thanks to the relationships we have made with many venue owners, we can find retail spaces that offer significant foot traffic. Our sites’ locations are in places where your proposed demographic exists. One of our most exciting offerings are the pop-up containers we have accumulated. We also have networks that keep us connected to major festivals and newsworthy events that attract considerable audiences. 

Our brand models include ambassadors who educate and inform consumers on everything to do with your brand. We also offer branded décor, giveaways, games, and just about anything else our combined creative minds can conjure.

The Pop-Up Shop

Test a would-be store demographic and geo location

Here are the fundamentals of a pop-up facility:

1. These “stores” borrow a physical space to place their goods, so awareness of their product occurs. 

2. In some cases, the pop-up spotlights testing out a new product or a different location.

3. The “shop” remains in place for anywhere from a day to a few months.

4. The site offers a unique shopping experience centered around a brand-new product or a seasonal line.

5. Established stores, like Macy’s or The Gap, might create an in-store display that focuses on a new brand.

6. An excellent example of a pop-up location are the kiosks or temporary storefronts often seen in malls or shopping centers.

7. Almost any brand can benefit from a pop-up; from food brands to children’s toys.

8. Pop-ups can also take the form of a mobile vehicle that can travel throughout the city, enticing many more potential customers.

Pop-Up Store Benefits

What makes the pop-up idea such a fantastic choice when it comes to marketing? Beyond the fact that we have seen the fun that takes place when this type of advertising takes place, here are a few other results we’re proud to share:

1. Having a store in the same spot you passed yesterday where there was no store creates buzz. 

2. The fact that the store may or may not be there again tomorrow only adds to the novelty, scarcity, and spontaneity that draws passers-by in to make a purchase.

3. Pedestrians will inevitably stop to look and, in most cases, buy.

4. Clients can not only test out a new brand by measuring their visitors’ reactions to the products, but they can also:

  • Build a connection with buyers
  • Decide on the volume of the products to be manufactured
  • Grow a brand following

Pop-Up Store Draw-Backs

COMME des GARÇONS was the trendsetter for pop up shops
COMME des GARÇONS was the trendsetter for pop up shops

Since the “store” is temporary, impressions must center on the execution of the concept. You have a specified time to build a client base and get the intended response. To make the best use of the pop-up event, owners must:

  • Know their demographics thoroughly
  • Locate where you’ll find your demographics
  • Ensure that your design matches the brand to your intended audience.

At this point in our history, millennials have money and are spending it. This type of branding catches their attention and leaves them wanting more. We understand that shopping is taking place digitally, but making a face-to-face connection with your audience is often a refreshing change. This real-time joining together is also a large part of growing your brand awareness and creating inspiration around your brand.

Experiential Marketing

In the old days, folks found what they needed in the Sears Catalog. Before the year 2000, people went shopping for what they needed and wanted. After 2000, individuals used the Internet to purchase their goods. In 2019, shoppers want an “experience.” Maybe because it is so easy these days to get in a rut of work, sleep, repeat. Perhaps it’s because we can get so much accomplished by sitting in front of our computers. Whatever the reason, experiential marketing campaigns are crafting memorable brand events that make people happy and make companies stand out.

Some of Our Best Pop-Up Store Ideas


Tito’s Handmade Vodka Parade Float by Roots³ Productions

Have you ever thought that a parade float would be a fun way to promote your brand? We have. If you include your pop-up in a spectacle, you will:

  • Generate awareness
  • Target your markets and groups
  • Get your product in front of possibly thousands of people
  • Blow up the Internet

Social media video of your day in a parade will allow you to interact directly with your base. And floats, as you have probably noticed, are difficult to ignore. We can customize your float in any manner of which you can dream.

Mobile Tours

Godiva. Valentines Day. New York City. By Roots³ Productions

We can design custom vehicles that will get your brand on the streets and into your potential customers’ awareness. We’ll also take care of the routes, permits, swag, and staff. A vehicle is a terrific idea for getting your food product seen and tasted. But we can design any truck, van, or trailer you like. Custom vehicles are like a pop-up on steroids since it can magically appear just about anywhere in a city.

Event Permitting

Event permitted by Roots³ Productions

If you decide to pop-up at an event, we can take care of confirming any permits necessary. Thanks to our relationships across the country, we can obtain permits, along with competitive pricing.

Roots³ Productions

We have offices in Brooklyn, New York, and Newport Beach, California. Many of our clients come to us by way of the Los Angeles area, as well. If you need assistance with experiential marketing ideas or with your next event, Roots³ Productions can make it happen for you. Contact us soon, and we will be happy to answer all your questions and listen to your ideas and input. Showcasing your brand, creating excitement around your brand, and developing a lasting emotional connection between your brand and your target audience is what we do best.

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