Mobility & Truck Mobile Tours

the truck in new york in a common place

The Plainville Farms Turkey Truck was mobilized and activated throughout New York City’s highest foot trafficked areas.

Mobile Tours

There are common threads in all versions of advertising and marketing. One of them is mobility and mobile tours. In a traditional sense, mobility brings impressions to a billboard, mobility allows for interaction with an out-of-home campaign and mobility influences a wider audience.

From an experiential marketing direction, mobility provides the fundamental element to producing a successful consumer experience. We recently received an RFP to produce an event for a global brand that brought celebrities and general market fans to an event space for an anniversary celebration. When moving deeper into conceptualization, we solidified our understanding that it is not a sole event that will drive traffic (unless you are the Oscars), but the experience that the event provides. Thus, we presented the mobile activation — bring the event to the targeted demographic and ensure attendance numbers.

Attendees samplying beverage at the tito's display

The Tito’s On Tour mobile Airstream at its first stop of the 66-day national tour in New York City.

In mobilizing an activation, brands are given the peak percentage of success, as with a bit of research, our agency can predict the highest trafficked locations, the targeted demographic and the maximum impressions. By taking the experience to the consumers rather than wait for them to come find us, we guarantee a successful calculation of metrics data (barring any extenuating circumstance, of course).

Example: Dessert Food Truck

Roots³ Productions has now implemented a myriad of experiential mobile campaigns, using a variety of experiential vehicles (Food Trucks, Sweet Dessert Food Trucks, Sampling Carts, Digital Trucks, Glass Trucks, Custom Prop Parade Floats & Trucks and the crown jewel, a Custom Hydraulic Gullwing Airstream).

Tito's display closed promoting the brand display

Tito’s On Tour Airstream in California – its the final state of the 16 states traveled with this mobile tour.

First, our food truck and sweet food dessert truck network around the country is superior since our owned assets are used every week as custom wrapped and branded mobile sampling tours. We utilize a project manager and a team of brand models to activate our food and sweet trucks while providing complimentary collateral (ie. tacos, ice cream, flyers, watches, buttons, etc.) to consumers along a predetermined targeted route.

Onlookers checking out the tito's station

We brought the latest denim trends to the consumers of New York City in our custom Glass Truck

Secondly, digital trucks have proved to be a cost-efficient brand awareness tool as custom content can be created and uploaded immediately for each day of a tour of mobile activation. The Digital Truck appears as a box truck and has one large format digital screen on the passenger side that can provide static, looped or interactive content for fans in any market or activation space.

Viewers standing outside a metroPCS advertisement

One of our sweet trucks in Texas offering iced treats on a hot summer day.

Additionally, we develop larger programs for clients who seek an even wider audience than a targeted market as our national activations continue to surpass and reach an outstanding level. For example, the 28 ft custom, hydraulic gullwing Airstream we fabricated and produced as a sampling and branding mobile tour for Tito’s Handmade Vodka during the summer of 2016 traveled from New York City to San Francisco, utilizing Route 66 and celebrating America for 66 days. Mobile tours of this magnitude lend to massive impressions and also honors this

A advertisement situated downtown

Our Digital Interactive Screen Mobile traveled throughout San Francisco Bay Area during Tech Crunch

study as to why mobility is so important for an experiential marketing campaign. In touring the Tito’s Handmade Vodka custom airstream through 16 different states and mobilizing the national campaign allows for an extended reach to build on brand awareness in key markets and create that same brand awareness in new markets.

The mobility of any event, activation, tour, etc. has continued to prove its strength. The data collected, the engagement process and the overall fan experience, by mobilizing a campaign, far outmatch any of the numbers from a static campaign and can merely be attributed to the multiple destinations which in turn present an increasing interaction and viewership.

As an experiential agency, our duty is to provide the ultimate client-fan experience while providing the highest level of work, with our exclusive, most noteworthy recommendations. With mobility top of mind and limitless creative ideation, our team will continue to push the limits on every campaign and only continue our forward momentum, on and off the road.

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