Integrating Technology

People ride bikes to generate light in a large exhibit

Citizen celebrates the 40th Anniversary of Eco-Drive by lighting up the Earth with the help of New York City.

Brand Activation Ideas

Integrating technology into a traditional brand activation is not only a natural trend in today’s experiential marketing industry but more so mandatory for a comprehensive consumer experience. While brands are continuously looking to invent, inspire and engage with their consumers on an emotional level, consumers are in constant need of new and exciting experiences. In 2016, Roots³ Productions was afforded an opportunity with our client, Citizen, to build an activation relating to their Eco-Drive technology that not only incorporated illumination but also human interaction to produce natural light. This has been one of our most fun brand activation ideas.

In developing our strategy and concept around innovative technology, our team created a first-to-market experience in the middle of Flatiron Plaza, New York City to celebrate Earth Day on behalf of Citizen Eco-Drive for the “Ride For Light” campaign (April 2016).

From concept creation to implementation, our team of designers, electricians, and video game programmers collaborated on the most user-friendly technological experience for this brand activation idea. As consumers rode their spin bike, the speed and power output was measured by a computer within the globe and would visually match the energy output through an animation of color along the LED strip that connected the bike and the globe. This simulation was not only popular with riders but also allowed for audience participation as each set of three bikes (out of twelve) were connected to a specific color to notate a team and created an exterior competition for participants to cheer as their favorite color team would illuminate a respective LED strip.

Activation influence

The influence our product made on our client’s brand and also the surrounding community was highly impactful and undoubtedly memorable, but more importantly, all stemmed from the use of inventive thinking and superior technology. The use of such technology is revolutionizing the experiential marketing space and Roots³ Productions is at the forefront. These ideas for brand activation fueled the connection with our digital partners and internal design and engineering teams to produce some of the most cutting-edge activations that the advertising world has ever seen.

As technology constantly evolves and inventions and tests are concurrently growing, we are simply limited by our endless imagination and creativity. Within every request, we incorporate the use of technology to elevate an activation concept and promote our strength of inspiration and genuine originality.

During the age of sequels and prequels, copied thinking and saturated brand messaging, providing the user, consumer, brand and/or client a new experience has not only garnered the attention of many brands across the world but has also allowed us to discover the new possibilities of more invention in our own beautiful universe.

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